2023 tour: LEAD INTO GOLD opening for Skinny Puppy!

Barker: bass and vocals

Josh Holley: keyboards and keytar

Justin Romito: TM




2018 tour: LEAD INTO GOLD with Omniflux opening for OHGR!

Barker: bass VI and vocals

Mahsa Zargaran: guitar

Chris Holsten: TM

Tristan Rudat: video wall and live videos




COLD WAVES IV at the Metro, Chicago, IL 27SEP15

Barker: vocals, bass

Josh Holley: synths, video synth

Lorrie Kountz: guitar


This show is the very first LEAD INTO GOLD show, and being involved in this specific fundraiser was the perfect opportunity for it!

The original Low & Slow EP was slated for release using this artwork in 1991 with 3 songs: The Sweetest Kiss, Cry Baby, and Lunatic/Genius remix. 

The original tracks for the song Low & Slow were recorded at Chicago Trax in 1990.
BILL RIEFLIN: drums and guitar, BARKER: bass. Engineered by Fluffy (Keith Auerbach)
I finished the song Low & Slow in November/December 2014 in Portland, OR. BARKER: vocals, programming, mixing. Engineered by Lee Popa